Forget NFT

- Non Fungible Culture is about Culture preservation, Culture learning and active Culture participation through various ways such as Collecting Cultural Art pieces, Cultural Collectibles, Cultural Music, Cultural Dances, Cultural Fashion just to name a few with the help of NFTs & the blockchain. Start Collecting Non Fungible Culture pieces today

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We are very keen and observant to learning different cultures and sure that a culture is successfully preserved and tokenized onchain without being altered.


Non Fungible Culture is all about all cultures, communities and backgrounds from different part of the world.


We appreciate, highly treasure, value and respect all cultures.


the Non Fungible Culture team is represented by and presented to the public by and not limited to.

Maxwell bruno

CEO and human resources

Maxwell has a long history in HR. Before he joined the team in 2009, he spent the previous ten years as HR manager at Business Industry’s headquarters in London.

Banilla GRILLA

Chief Financial Officer

Once Eric took over as CFO, our investment strategy really began to take shape. His well-rounded background in finance and accounting is a significant driver of success.